Valentines Day 2016 - How to Achieve Success on Valentines Day with Great Gift Ideas for your loved one...Valentines Day is the most romantic day of the year
Sunday 14th
February 2016

Valentines Day 2016

14th February, 2016

Valentines Gifts and Ideas on what to do for your partner on Valentines Day

Achieve Success on Valentines Day provides you with a fantastic array of alternative gift ideas for your loved one, male or female -

Valentines Day Beautiful Flowers,
Valentines Day Roses or Chocolates
Valentines DayJewellery,
Valentines Day Perfume
Valentines Day or Lingerie.

Buy a beautiful gift basket or hamper and take it on a romantic picnic to a secluded place. Roll out the rug and have some fun feeding each other.

Take your partner on a romantic adventure or spend a night together at a nice hotel. Check out the great websites selected with romantic gifts or adventure gifts.

Does your valentine like reading? We provide you with a terrific array of romantic books to buy for your loved one and if you enjoy reading about relationships or want to spark up your relationship then check out the books in the relationship section.

If you need some Valentines Day Ideas on what to do we have put together a list of the top 10 things to do on Valentines Day.

And if you don’t have a valentine to spend time with on Valentine’s Day, then we will help you find one. Yes, that’s right. Find a Valentine by searching through a number of single and dating websites to find the person of your dreams.

Check out the history of Valentines Day and find out a bit more about cupid and his arrow.

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Top 10 Activities to do on Valentines Day

There are many different ways to spend Valentines Day with your partner and we have listed below our top 10 things to do with your Valentine.

Surprise your partner with tickets to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride Hot Air Balloon ride
Surprise your partner with tickets to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride. Fly up high above your local city and look out over our magnificent landscape. Many providers offer breakfast with the flight, either before or after and it is a great way to meet other couples, particularly around Valentines Day. To book a hot air balloon ride consider the variety of providers at Valentines Day Romantic Adventures.

Visit an online adults shop together and explore all the wonderful adult gifts that are available todayNaughty but nice gifts
Visit an online adults shop together and explore all the wonderful adult gifts that are available today. There are a wonderful variety of naughty but nice gifts for all couples; however the experience of shopping online together may stimulate other ideas throughout the day.

With some advanced planning, taking a short break is a great way to spend Valentines Day together Weekend away for two
Sweep your partner off their feet with a weekend away for two. With some advanced planning, taking a short break is a great way to spend Valentines Day together. Find a nice hotel and organise dinner and breakfast as part of the deal. Often around Valentines Day, hotels offer specials that include a free bottle of champagne and love heart chocolates on arrival. There are many choices you can make when booking a romantic weekend away. These include booking a room with a large spa, pre-booking a massage for the two of you, or booking your own waiter to serve your meals in your room.

Present your valentine with plane tickets to explore another cityExplore another city
Explore one of the cities around Australia. There are many wonderful activities available in all capital cities. Visit over 60 of Melbourne's top tourist attractions such as Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Aquarium, Old Melbourne Gaol, Telstra Dome, Cook's Cottage, Melbourne River Cruises, and so much more - including Luna Park, Jenolan Caves, Sydney Aquarium and Majestic Harbour Cruises.

Present your valentine with plane tickets to explore another city or check out all the wonderful activities in your own home city. If you live in the country, take a picnic lunch and explore some of the historical sights nearby, particularly those that are well known and you have never visited before.

Organise a day trip for you and your Valentine to some local wineriesLocal wineries
Organise a day trip for you and your Valentine to some local wineries. Pre-plan a picnic lunch and buy a couple of bottles of the local wine to enjoy with lunch. Pack a blanket and find somewhere secluded to enjoy lunch together. Wineries often have large grounds so there is always somewhere private to enjoy lunch with your Valentine. If you enjoy a drink, organise a driver for the day, or better still organise a limousine to take you there and home again. It may cost a bit of money but your Valentine will never forget it.

Set up a double date with close friendsDouble date with close friends
Set up a double date with close friends. Organise with your friends to dress up and book an expensive restaurant. If you want to go all out, book the limousine and enjoy a champagne or beer on the way to the restaurant. When you get there, don’t order what you normally order but try the chef’s special.

Talk to each other and listen to your Valentine and what they are looking to achieve out of the relationshipCook a beautiful home-made meal
7) If you live separately to your Valentine, organise for them to come over about 7:00pm and cook a beautiful home-made meal. Set the table with candles and rose petals and dim the lights. Offer your Valentine a drink on the way in and then sit down for dinner. Try a dessert like chocolate coated strawberries and feed each other. After dinner organise for a DVD to be available – your choice. Romance stories are very popular or for the more adventurous, try an adult DVD to set the mood!

set aside some time for each otherTime for each other
If you are in a committed relationship, set aside some time for each other. Talk to each other and listen to your Valentine and what they are looking to achieve out of the relationship.

Exchange gifts and take the day off work so that you spend time together throughout the day. When night time comes make things a bit more interesting and organise to play a bedroom board game. Everyone appreciates some night-time attention, particularly if you normally lead a hectic life and are tired at nights. An adult board game like Monogamy starts with some intriguing conversation starters, and then advances the intimacy until you can’t help but get close. This game and many others will liven things up in the bedroom and provide a memorable Valentine’s Day treat.

She will be your Valentine for everShop Shop Shop
For the guys, take her shopping. If your Valentine loves to shop she will appreciate a day shopping together at her favourite store. Make sure that you take notice of what she is looking to buy and make suggestions on what looks nice. Shower her with compliments when she tries on clothes that look great.

Jewellery is another great gift for women. If you are a bit unsure, hire a personal shopper to take the two of you out for the day. She will be your Valentine for ever!

Recreate your first date togetherReminisce
Recreate your first date together. Where did you go? What were you wearing? What did you talk about? Who made the first move? Spend the evening reminiscing and reflecting on how far you have come as a couple. What have been your major achievements? Write down thirty favourite memories of your life spent together so far.

Valentines Day is special for many reasons and no matter if you are in a committed relationship or just started dating, you can select and modify the activities listed above to ensure you have the best Valentines Day ever.

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Valentine's Day – What is so great about Love?

Valentines Day is a special day to celebrate love. Love keeps us going, individually and as a species. Love fills us with joy and makes life worth living.

Valentine's Day is for lovers. But love comes in all forms. A husband may love his wife. A daughter may love her mother. A young boy may adore his grandfather. Valentine's Day is for all these relationships and many more.

Feeling love is one thing, however expressing it is another. Having one day each year to celebrate the glory that only love provides makes 14th February a unique day in each calendar year. Naturally, we could argue that love should be celebrated every day. Picking one day focuses attention on that special event.

Express your love for that someone special by selecting just the right Valentine's Day card. Find one that says exactly how you love the special man or woman in your life. And, if you can’t find the right card, express it yourself either by making a card or writing some heartfelt comments in one you find.

Add to the card a gift that shows how much you really care. While love is spiritual, it's the emotions that count most and how better to express those feelings than to put them into the material form of a gift.

There are many different gifts available for Valentine’s Day. Hire a maid for Mum for the day. Organise someone to clean Dad's car. Coordinate a freelance chef to make a special dinner for the two of you on the evening of 14th February. Better still, organise a short cruise or romantic trip to an island and back. Jump out of an airplane, with parachutes of course, or float above the clouds in a hot air balloon.

Achieve Success on Valentines Day is your one stop shop for all your Valentine gifts. Buy some flowers or roses and chocolate and then shower that special someone with other things that remind you both of Valentine's Day. Pick out a gift basket that contains something that shows that you love your partner or friend or design one to remind them of a special vacation you had together.

Now give the best gift of all: time. Spending time together on Valentine's Day is a must. Put aside the cares and plans that occupy you the rest of the year because today, only one thing counts and that is being together.

Say what you really mean and mean what you say. Tell your special person that life is better because that special someone is in your life.

If love is special, if it really is the great thing so many make it out to be and the evidence is overwhelming THEN celebrate Valentines Day. Celebrate your own way, with that unique and special person who shows you why love is everything it is.


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.


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Achieve Success on Valentines Day

Achieve Success on Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas,
Tips and Information for Romantics on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is Sunday 14th February 2016 

Valentines Day - Tips and Information for the Romantics



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Valentines Day 2016

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